Flying Cloud Tea

White Chocolate Raspberry


Green and white tea mixed with tart raspberries and creamy chocolate

Tasting Notes:

fruity | creamy | tart

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There are dessert teas and then there are dessert teas! This is one of our best and most popular dessert teas; raspberries, white chocolate, and cocoa husks do this blend justice and create a mouth-watering tea that everyone will love. While the chocolate is there, it is not overpowering, and perfectly compliments the lightly acidic base of white and green teas.

Brewing Instructions:

Steep 3 min at 195°F


white tea, green tea, cocoa husk, white chocolate pieces, white chocolate drops, raspberry pieces, rose petals, flavor

allergens: may contain dairy

Tasting Notes:
fruity | creamy | tart


50g, 100g, 250g