Flying Cloud Tea



Visually stunning, hand picked tea leaves from Fujian, China; mild and fruity white tea.

Tasting Notes:
fruit | sweet | vegetal | oak

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Another jewel from the famed tea producing region of Fujian, snowbuds is a beautiful example of artisan tea. Hand plucked leaves and buds grown at high elevation are lightly oxidized to maximize the natural sugars in the leaves. Visually, this tea is a mixture of silver, white, olive green and dark green, showcasing the complexities of the two leaves and one bud ratio. The brewed tea is a champagne color in the cup and flavor notes of mild fruit, oak, and sweet hay.

Brewing Instructions:
Steep 2-3 min at 195°F

Fujian, China

white tea

Tasting Notes:
fruit | sweet | vegetal | oak


50g, 100g, 250g