Flying Cloud Tea

Silver Needles


Prized Fujian tea comprised of only tea leaf buds; light and delicate flavor

Tasting Notes:
sweet | vegetal | flowers

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Also called Yin Zhen, silver needles white tea is comprised entirely of leaf buds of the tea plant, camelia sinensis. Being made up of only buds, as you can imagine, the labor is meticulous and time consuming, often making silver needles among the most expensive of white teas. The delicate leaf buds are lightly oxidized during production and handled with care to keep most of the buds intact. Dry leaf aroma is similar to fresh cut hay; brewed tea is very pale yellow in color and the taste is sweet, delicate, smooth, and slightly vegetal; very light and delicate in flavor. Because the buds are so light and airy, be sure to use a generous portion for optimum brewing.

Brewing Instructions:
Steep 2-3 min at 175°F

Fujian, China

white tea

Tasting Notes:
sweet | vegetal | flowers


25g, 50g, 100g