Flying Cloud Tea

Shou Puerh


Organic puerh tea that is earthy with full body; great as a digestive aid and may help lower cholesterol

Tasting Notes:
earthy | woodsy | smooth | rich


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Old style of Chinese tea made in a specialized method. Fermented black tea that is referred to as cooked, or ripened puerh. Typically made from the larger, older leaves towards the bottom of the tea plant. With this type of pu-erh, the leaves will in some manner be fermented with heat and moisture in an expedited manner to replicate a longer process which takes decades, as with another type of puerh called sheng, or raw puerh. This ripening process creates very dark leaves with an incredibly rich, full and earthy flavor profile. The savory taste goes well with meals and in China has been used to balance heavy meals for the purpose of health. May help lower cholesterol. The fermentation process removes much of the caffeine.

Brewing Instructions:
Steep 3-5 min at 210°F

Yunnan, China

organic puerh tea

Tasting Notes:
earthy | woodsy | smooth | rich



50g, 100g, 250g