Flying Cloud Tea

Pai Mu Tan


Prized white tea, hand-picked two leaves and one bud; high in antioxidants

Tasting Notes:

earthy | sweet | peony flower


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Hand-picked in the traditional process of two leaves and one bud, pai mu tan has been a staple for many tea drinkers. Also called bai mudan, this white tea is known and loved for having a fuller body compared to other white teas, and the brewed liquid is a darker yellow. Don’t be fooled into believing that white tea does not have caffeine – some white teas can have more caffeine, and pai mu tan has a moderate amount (if you brew this tea using a lower temperature water and for less time, the brew can have lower caffeine). Pai mu tan is made using minimal oxidation and processing, however, the process can be labor intensive and largely dependent on weather conditions. Due to less oxidation in production, white teas are generally high in antioxidants, sometimes two or three times higher than levels in black teas. Taste is smooth and sweet, flowery and slightly earthy.

Brewing Instructions:
Steep 2-3 min at 195°F

Fujian, China

organic white tea

Tasting Notes:
earthy | sweet | peony flower



50g, 100g, 250g