Flying Cloud Tea

Nutcracker Green


Creamy and sweet green tea that blends caramel with walnuts; makes a good dessert tea

Tasting Notes:
creamy | sweet | nutty

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Truly a holiday treat! This green tea blend is unique, with full flavors of creamy, sweet nuts and caramel. Rich and bold flavor with the light body and texture of a green tea. Can stand up enough to pair well with some foods and desserts and is slightly naturally sweet on its own. Makes a great afternoon hot tea. Here for a limited time

Brewing Instructions:

Steep 3 min at 175°F

Green tea, almonds, walnuts, cream caramel, brittle pieces, flavor       allergen: nuts, trace amount of dairy

Tasting Notes:
creamy | sweet | nutty


50g, 100g, 250g