Flying Cloud Tea

Matcha Ceremonial Grade


Japanese green tea powder that can provide a pick-me-up or added to foods or juices

Tasting Notes:
sweet | grassy | thick


Matcha is a traditional style of Japanese tea where the premium sencha tea leaves have been stone-ground into a fine powder; this powder is carefully mixed with water and a thick, intensely grassy brew is made. Matcha is at the centerpiece of the Japanese Tea Ceremony and is used in other spiritual traditions. Because you are consuming the actual tea leaves, the nutritional aspects of green tea are multiplied; there is much more antioxidants and caffeine in matcha than other green teas. Some of our customers also cook with matcha, it is easily sprinkled into batter for cookies or breads, or added to a fruit smoothie. Serving size is approximately half a teaspoon added to about 3-4 ounces of warm water, then whisked until bubbles form, 1-2 minutes. Our ceremonial grade organic matcha comes in a 30g reusable tin and is a vivid green color.

30g sealed tin contains enough matcha for about 30-40 servings

Brewing Instructions:
Whisk matcha powder in to 165°F water

Kyoto, Japan

organic green tea powder

Tasting Notes:
sweet | grassy | thick