Flying Cloud Tea

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Honey Orchid Dan Cong Oolong


Expert level craftsmanship oolong tea, made from older teas and bushes. Flavor notes of cream, honey and flowers

Tasting Notes:
honey | floral | cream

Large twisted leaves, mostly brown with bits of green showing; but don’t be fooled by the dark leaves, the brewed tea is quite light colored. Extended oxidation due to light roasting during the processing gives this tea a strong honey and orchid taste. Masterfully produced from 40-80 year old tea trees and bushes growing in the Middle Mountain region of the Wu Dong Mountains. Floral aroma, with notes of fresh meadow, cream and honeysuckle; creamy and complex. This rare tea is only available while supplies last

Brewing Instructions:
Steep 1-3 min at 195°F  may be steeped multiple times

Guangdong, China

Oolong tea

Tasting Notes:
honey | floral | cream


25g, 50g, 100g