Flying Cloud Tea



Unique tea blend of Japanese sencha and toasted rice

Tasting Notes:
toasty | grassy | nutty

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Unique Japanese tea that is made with high grade Japan sencha mixed with toasted rice. In times past, genmaicha was known as a “people’s tea” because adding the toasted rice as a filler decreased the price of the tea making it more affordable to poor people. Today, the flavor is sought out by tea drinkers around the world. The flavor is warming and nutty, and is a good accompaniment to food, especially Japanese food such as sushi. Our genmaicha is sourced directly from small scale farms in Uji, Kyoto, Japan.

Brewing Instructions:
Steep 1-3 min at 175°F

Kyoto, Japan

green tea, toasted rice

Tasting Notes:
toasty | grassy | nutty


50g, 100g, 250g