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Earl Grey Decaf


Decaf black tea with aromatic bergamot oil

Tasting Notes:
citrus | sweet | lemongrass

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Earl Grey is perhaps one of the most well-known flavors of tea. Relatively simple, Earl Grey is just black tea, typically Chinese tea, flavored with oil of bergamot, which is a tart citrus fruit from Southern Italy. Bergamot has been used for ages as aromatic additions to perfumes and cosmetics, and of course as a flavor for tea.  Earl Grey is most well-known as a favorite of the British from the 1800’s. Nowadays, Earl Grey is loved nearly all over the world and is typically found in many tea and coffee shops in America and Europe. Our particular Earl Grey is quite strong and aromatic and makes a great morning or afternoon tea, and can be enjoyed with or without added milk or sugar.

This is a true tea from the camellia sinensis plant that has been decaffeinated with the CO2 high pressure method which is natural, safe and preserves the flavor of the tea.

Brewing Instructions:
Steep 3-5 min at 210°F

decaf black tea, flavor, bergamot oil

Tasting Notes:
citrus | sweet | lemongrass


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