Flying Cloud Tea


Creme de Earl


Deluxe blend of Earl Grey and Caramel Creme black tea.

Tasting Notes:
Sweet | smooth | creamy | citrus 

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Creme de Earl takes two delicious flavors and creates tea magic! Our Earl Grey, which is black tea with bergamot oil, is mixed with our Caramel Creme, which is a black tea with caramel flavor added. The result is a rich, creamy, earl grey. Many of our customers used to buy these teas separately and mix them, but we have simply made it easier by doing the mixing ourselves so the flavors have ample time to “marry”.  Creme de Earl makes a great morning tea, since it has a decent amount of caffeine, and also serves well as an early afternoon boost.

Brewing Instructions:
Steep 3-5 min at 210°F

Black tea, caramel bits, flavor, bergamot oil

Tasting Notes:
Sweet | smooth | creamy | citrus 


50g, 100g, 250g