Flying Cloud Tea

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Butterfly Pea Blossoms


Caffeine free dried blue flowers that will brew a deep blue color when infused in hot water

Tasting Notes:
earthy | herbaceous

Deep, dark blue flowers that will turn your tea dark blue colored! These little dried flowers have a woodsy or earthy flavor on their own, but the flavor fades into the background when mixed with other teas and herbs. On their own they are caffeine free. Most commonly mixed with lemongrass or other herbs and spices, or with honey or sugar added to make a sweet drink. A characteristic of butterfly pea blossoms is the brewed tea will turn purple if you add lemon or lime juice to it! Add a few flowers to any tea to make a beautiful blue brew.

Brewing Instructions:
Steep 5+ min at 208°F

Tasting Notes:
earthy | herbaceous


50g, 100g, 250g