Flying Cloud Tea

Golden Monkey
Golden-tipped Yunnan black tea, lightly smoky flavor nuanced with honey notes
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Coconut Chocolate
Creamy rich black tea, available on our seasonal menu
Drink Deluxe
Green Chai
Traditional chai spices mixed with green tea; light and floral
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Vanilla Spice
Black tea that tastes like a hot cinnamon roll with vanilla icing
Spice time!
Dream sleepy time herbal tea

Sweet Dreams are made of tea

Looking for that perfect sleepy time tea that can actually help you sleep through the night? Our Dream herbal blend is packed with relaxing herbs that can help aid sleep including valerian root, passion flower, and lemon balm. 

Seasonal Selections

Don’t forget to check out what we have available in our seasonal selections! Here you will find teas that we have in limited quantities that reflect the tastes of the season. 

This Eucalyptus Lemon has a bold citrus aroma with summery coconut.  Click below to see all seasonal options. 

Eucalyptus Lemon herbal tea

A Boutique Tea Experience

Stop in our tea shop for a full boutique tea experience. At the tea tasting bar, owners Nick & Nicolette will help guide you through the large loose-leaf tea menu. Start by smelling the teas and ask questions; we love to give recommendations! The shop is open Wednesday-Saturday and is located in Dunedin / Clearwater.